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Sleeve Length on Blazer, Suit Jacket or Overcoat

Sleeve Length on Blazer, Suit Jacket or Overcoat

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Cuff Stye
Sleeve Length (Crown to Cuff)

This alteration will shorten the length of your sleeves. The button and vent detailing will be moved accordingly.

Please note! - There are 3 different cuff types. Each one with their own price. Please select carefully:

  • Plain Cuff - As it states, plain cuff, no buttons or button detailing.
  • Non-working Cuff - Features buttons and button hole stitching, but is not functional.
  • Working Cuff - Features buttons and button holes that are functional (Will open and close).

Please take time and be careful when measuring your sleeves. Measurement should start from the top of the sleeve, by the center seam of the shoulder, to the hem of the cuff by the buttons. Remember, we offer a free pinning service when you visit us in-store. If you are unsure come and visit us and we will be happy to accommodate.


If you are sending an expensive item and wish to have insurance covered on our delivery, please get in touch to arrange further payment. 

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